It is a commonly seen that companies take pride upon their state-of-the-art infrastructure and management policies. But Malpani Group draws immense pride and satisfaction in treating its manpower as the most invaluable assets of the company. Our employees, vendors, associates and Pheriwalas or the mobile salesmen, are our strength. Today Malpani Group has a strong dealer and vendor network in over 12 states covering over 14,500 villages and reaching to over 50 lakh customers. The Pheriwalas & the distribution team serves over 25,640 major retailers and over 1,82,000 small shops and outlets through an impeccably managed network. We also have a customer care service team that personally visits the customers for their feedback.

Undoubtedly, it is our largest rural distribution network with the widest reach that is the pulse of our success. With the strongest team and the most responsive management, we are ready for new tie-ups, new ventures and new challenges.

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