Malpani Group has always been socially conscious with a high desire to contribute to the society by investing in health care and education. Access to the best educational facilities and inculcation of discipline and Indian values in the new generation of this country, is why Dhruv Global School was founded.


Dhruv Global School Pune

Dhruv is proud to introduce the new Pune campus. Growing exponentially with every passing academic year, a state of the art architecture, dedicated faculty and a loving atmosphere, Dhruv Global school is the ideal setting for students to grow and blossom into the leaders of tomorrow.

We provide students with the opportunity to explore and discover themselves following a CBSE curriculum. The international infrastructure doesn’t change our core values and customs, which are deeply rooted in Indian culture and inculcated in each and every one of our students.

dhruv global school pune
dhruv Global School

Dhruv Global School Sangamner

Dhruv Global School is the manifestation of an idea, A VISION. The sculpting of this vision began on 14 June, 2005 when the first student walked through the portals of the school. Dhruv was just a hatchling with 182 students and 14 teachers; however the journey had just begun, and there was no looking back. Over the years, the school grew in leaps and bounds. With growing name and stature, it was but natural that the need to expand was felt at a very early stage. On 19 November, 2007, the school shifted to its new campus at Dhandarphal. Stretched out over an area of 18 acres, the state of the art design of the campus earned the award of the Best Architecture in 2010.

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Dhruv Global School
‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.’